Friday, March 30, 2018

Just want to wish you...

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...A Happy Easter and A wonderful weekend. We are at our cottage now and the snow surprised us yesterday. It is winter again over here. And more snow are on the way, so this feels so ridiculous. We are hoping for a warm sun and green grass. 

Took the photo of my two Easter/Spring Sonny Angels before the snow arrived.

Enjoy your Easter!
Saturday, March 24, 2018

Now it is too much...

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On the road to Oslo, in Norway.
Strange metal skeletons in Oslo, Norway.
It has been a lot to figure out when it comes to all the paper work and after work, after my mother in law's passing. We just have an apartment to clean now and we will do that during the Easter holidays that are coming. Life was slowly getting into normal, as normal as it can be after these things. When we were on our way to Norway the other day for a little day trip, we got some sad news from my husband's cousin. 

My mother-in-law's, Anna's, sister Svea had passed away on 21st March, in the morning. I could not take that in and it broke me totally. I was sobbing and hugging the mobile phone for comfort and saying "no, no, no....". Could not understand.

We continued our trip, but felt like numb lost souls just floating. It was so surreal. We kept contact with my husbands cousin during the trip and he will arrange the funeral and we have promised to assist the way we can, if needed. 

Noomi's head, as seen on my Instagram
New lashes, bought by my daughters-
During the evenings I have been cleaning up my Mokashura Duyou doll, Noomi. Her lashes had in some way started to loosen and fall off, bit by bit. The eye lashes felt fragile and dry, so I thought that taking them off and putting in some new ones would be a thing to do. But the glue...the GLUE. It was glued with glue on glue and then the lashes, so I had some difficulties to get that sticky glue off. 

Oh well, it ended in a mess and then I was cleaning a doll head, that suddenly needed a new face up. So that is happening....and keeping me busy. Thought to share a review of her body and head some day soon.

Just wanted to let you know about the sad news and that we are OK. But it feels that it is too much now... 
Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Cold, life goes on and another cutie

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February is soon to be March and it is unbelievable how fast this years two months has gone by. The first month of Spring is almost here, even if it does not feel like it. We still have a lot of snow here and it has been very cold the last couple of days. It has been around -16°C and it feels like -25°C, because it is blowing or the high humidity. In the mornings, when the sun is rising, it gets colder and colder for every minute. So, when the kids are of to school, they really have a lot of clothes on. They look like chubby little cuties running to the bus.

Last week we had winter vacation and took a trip to the cottage and mother-in-law’s old apartment. Visited some relatives and planned the coming move of her things and the estate inventory. We even celebrated our oldest daughters birthday, she is an adult now with her 18 years. Time goes by fast. On our way to the southern parts of Sweden, we stopped by at DollarStore. We needed balloons and other fun things for a birthday party. Walking around there, just for fun, while the girls searched for the right balloons I found a cutie. She was for sale for only 80SEK, about 9USD with todays currency. Yay. Otherwise the prices have been around 40USD for this doll, here in Sweden.

Took her to Wämöparken, in Karlskrona.
Used my hubby's new iPhone and the camera in that phone is amazing.

It is a Monster High doll, a Dream Monster Deer. she is a nature ghoul and likes to sit among the fauna and nature, blending right into it. She is a quiet and shy, but she sees herself as a gentle one.  She does not like big crowds at all and just enjoys her nearest and dearest friends. She really is a beautiful cutie and it is almost a way for me to try to feel how it could be with a doll with four legs. You know those fantasy art line dolls that Fairyland or Luts have, as an example. It is far away from quality, style and so - but it gives a hint, how it could be.

Well, her name is Fawntine Fallowheart and it really suits her. Often I do change the names, but this time I’m going to keep it. I may do a new face up on her, because I want some darker colors and a more to the fawn-like face. But that is a step I may take later on. At the moment I just want to introduce her to you. More photos will come later on.

Enjoy the new week that is going on!

PS: Want to read more about Wämöparken? I have a post here.
PS again: Made a thing, just for fun - see here
Saturday, February 17, 2018

Poems and Flowers

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Just want to share some beautiful and comforting poems, and some of the flowers from my mother in law's beautiful and warm funeral. This was on the 9th February. These are just a small part of the flowers that had arrived to the church. There where even pink in two different shades and one with sunset colors. Mother in law loved flowers and often asked me to look for something bright and happy at the market on the square in town. She would have enjoyed all of these. The funeral went well, as well as a funeral can go. Songs, words, tears and emptiness in silence.

Enjoy these flowers and poems, until next time.

 "There's a very special garden
Where the trees of memory grow 
Nurtured by the kindness 
And concern that good friends show. 
The roots are cherished memories
Of good times in the past.
The branches tender promises that souls endure and last. 
It's a place of peace and beauty 
Where bright new hopes can start 
It's memory's lovely garden
That soothes the hurting heart." 

Gerbera, roses, baby's breath, liliaceae and some green leaves.

"What we have once enjoyed
we can never lose...
All that we love deeply
becomes a part of us."
~ Helen Keller

Beautiful white Eustoma, even known as Lisianthus or Prairie gentian.
These came from my dad.

"There are no goodbyes for us.
Wherever you are, you
will always be in my heart."
~ Gandhi

Yellow Gerbera

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